#199. Should we still be collecting lenses ?


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Close to the top of the traditional photographer’s 10 commandments was “covet thy not thy camera but keep all your good lenses forever“. On paper, it made perfect sense. Lenses are expensive but lose little value (almost none if you … Continue reading

#197. Talking with masters : Paula Chamlee & Michael Smith on photographic vision (part 2)


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Part 1 of this interview was published here. Michael A. Smith and Paula Chamlee, 2 reputed photographers from Pennsylvania share their wisdom on developing and honing photographic vision. At the end of the interview is a very special surprise that … Continue reading

#196. Familiarity ≠ contempt?


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At this time of year, it starts to get light here (Rooi Els, around 70km east of Cape Town) before 5 a.m. Most mornings the light show outside the window is blue skies, a few clouds, the warm, rosy tinges … Continue reading

#195. Talking with the Masters : Paula Chamlee and Michael Smith on photographic vision (1/2)


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For this second episode in our new series of interviews of the great photographers of our time, I’m really proud to publish a long and fascinating discussion with Michael A. Smith and Paula Chamlee. Michael and Paula are husband and … Continue reading

#193. Finding the past


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Idling a couple of hours away over the Festive Season with a book of steam railway images*, I found myself looking at this photograph and wondering just where the coal had come from that the train was moving and whether … Continue reading