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Quatre photographes, quatre styles, une passion commune. Nouveaux photographes toujours bienvenus. Laissez nous un commentaire et nous vous contacterons 🙂

Winkworth arboretum

Four photographers, four styles, one common passion. New photographers always welcome. Just leave a comment and we’ll get in touch 🙂

7 thoughts on “About / A propos

  1. Very interesting posts here. Have just gone up-stream NEX from the 5 to the 7. I use legacy lenses exclusively, mainly M fit, and put up withthe lens cast issue from wide VM’s. No such problem withthe ZM 50/1.5 which I love on the NEX-7 and am thinking of buying a ZM25/2.8. Your photos using this lens show no sign of lens cast – have you removed it with Cornerfix?

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  3. Hi, I loved your articles regarding the NEX 5/7, was curious if you have had a chance to sample with the NEX6 and if so what you’re overall thoughts are were

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