Stuff for sale

Nikon D800e  ** SOLD **

This camera is on sale on eBay here :

Make me an offer I can’t refuse 😉
Only 9800 actuations. Like new. Loved and taken good care of. 3 more years of Nikon warranty. 6 free sensor clean (in France).
Sold to finance Sony A7R & lens acquisition. I love to test and never keep gear long.

Most of the recent pictures on this blog are made using this camera.





Zeiss ZF2 Distagon 25mm F/2  ** SOLD **

For sale on ebay :

Apart from minor scratches on front lens cap (Zeiss lens caps are crap and fall off permanently ;)) this lens is NEW. You couldn’t tell it from an off the shelf new lens. It is also brilliant on the D800e. Still 2 years of Zeiss warranty.
Sold to finance Sony A7R & lens acquisition. I love to test and never keep gear long.





Olympus OM-D E-M5 with Panasonic 14mm F/2.5  ** SOLD **

Probably my favourite digital camera ever. I kept it when I bought the D800e because I couldn’t part with it. Bought in May 2012. Selling now because I really cannot justify 2 mirrorless cameras … I’m sure this system could make a reader very happy at a very reasonable cost. Looking for 650€ for the lot. At this price, I basolutely guarrantee you cannot find better equipment anywhere.

Showcased in these posts (click any link and see how brilliant this camera is) :
Olympus OM-D E-M5 : first impressions
Photographing the streets of Paris with the Olympus OM-D
OM-D! An IBIS in my hotel room!
Abstract Tourism
Stone, paint and moss & the Olympus OM-D E-M5
Silver Efex. Is it just Canned Art ?

On sale here :






4 thoughts on “Stuff for sale

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  2. Hi.

    Hope you get your cameras sold.

    I was also seriously thinkong about selling my Sony alpha 900 because I would like to have a smaller camera and better IQ. But I don’t think I will gain a lot from using the a7r instead of my a900 IQ wise. Regarding the size it’s obviously a lot smaller than my a900 but also worse in ergonomic. I guess I just have to work with my lazyness and take my huge camera with me 😉

    Best wishes

    David Cartagena

    • Hi David,

      thanks for the comment. Yes, all thiss gear will get sold, too late to turn back now and, in a few days, I will be without camera for the first time in over 30 years ! A great opportunity to see what I miss or don’t and to think before hitting the buy button. The A7r is on order, but lenses will follow a slower thought process.

      If you’re happy with the a900, you’re quite right to keep it. I too doubt the quality will be much different and the ergonomics matter more. So go on, be lazy and keep on making great pictures 😉


      • Hi Pascal.

        I also thought that it would be a great opportunity to start from scratch 😉 Anyway I look forward to follow your blog and see some photos from the a7r.

        I guess it’s a bit dangerous for my wallet but I’ll take the chance.

        Best wishes

        David Cartagena

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