#197. Talking with masters : Paula Chamlee & Michael Smith on photographic vision (part 2)


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Part 1 of this interview was published here. Michael A. Smith and Paula Chamlee, 2 reputed photographers from Pennsylvania share their wisdom on developing and honing photographic vision. At the end of the interview is a very special surprise that … Continue reading

#187. Of Kiwis and time


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“Whatcha photographing mate?” It’s early November and I am standing on Wellington’s spectacular waterfront, close to the Maori-named national museum, Te Papa. The weather is overcast and I’m not sure how to answer this curious local. “Dunno. I’ll know when … Continue reading

#182. Photo workshops – tired?


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Photo workshops? Tired or wired? Continue reading

#180. Selling cameras? Not so fast. If at all.


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  Pascal’s plan to sell his D800 made me wonder what he could possibly have replaced it with. I havered long and hard about buying mine; at the time I wanted to extend my hugely satisfactory Sony NEX kit, but … Continue reading

#177. Fun test : Leica glass on CCD vs Kit lens on CMOS, anyone ?


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Many discontented Leica aficionados argued that the new (M240) couldn’t match the image quality from the M9 and attributed the regression to the CMOS sensor of the newer model being inferior to the older CCD sensor in the M9. Note … Continue reading

#171. Friendly Provence neighbourhood


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Dogs, in some areas of France, are a societal disease. They bark all day long while their owners are at work and crap all over the streets when their owners are home. These garage owners, in an otherwise charming little … Continue reading